JSF - Java Server Faces Keretrendszer



Tag Leírás
f:view Creates the top-level view
f:subview Creates a subview of a view
f:facet Adds a facet to a component
f:attribute Adds an attribute (key/value) to a component
f:param Constructs a parameter component
f:actionListener Adds an action listener to a component
f:valueChangeListener Adds a valuechange listener to a component
f:setPropertyChangeListener (JSF 1.2) Adds an action listener to a component that sets a bean property to a given value.
f:converter Adds an arbitrary converter to a component
f:convertDateTime Adds a datetime converter to a component
f:convertNumber Adds a number converter to a component
f:validator Adds a validator to a component
f:validateDoubleRange Validates a double range for a component’s value
f:validateLength Validates the length of a component’s value
f:validateLongRange Validates a long range for a component’s value
f:loadBundle Loads a resource bundle, stores properties as a Map
f:selectitems Specifies items for a select one or select many component
f:selectitem Specifies an item for a select one or select many component
f:verbatim Adds markup to a JSF page

Dokumentáció a http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/javaserverfaces/2.0/docs/pdldocs/facelets/ oldalon.


Tag Description
h:form HTML form
h:inputText Single-line text input control
h:inputTextArea Multiline text input control
h:inputSecret Password input control
h:inputHidden Hidden field
h:outputLabel Label for another component for accessibility
h:outputLink HTML anchor
h:outputFormat Like outputText, but formats compound messages
h:outputText Single-line text output
h:commandButton Button: submit, reset, or pushbutton
h:commandLink Link that acts like a pushbutton
h:message Displays the most recent message for a component
h:messages Displays all messages
h:grapicImage Displays an image
h:selectOneListbox Single-select listbox
h:selectOneMenu Single-select menu
h:selectOneRadio Set of radio buttons
h:selectBooleanCheckbox Checkbox
h:selectManyCheckbox Set of checkboxes
h:selectManyListbox Multiselect listbox
h:selectManyMenu Multiselect menu
h:panelGrid HTML table
h:panelGroup Two or more components that are laid out as one
h:dataTable A feature-rich table control
h:column Column in a dataTable

Dokumentáció a http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/javaserverfaces/2.0/docs/pdldocs/facelets/ oldalon.