Ha kapcsolatba szeretnl kerülni velem, mert kérdésed, megjegyzésed, ***uncontrollable adulation***, írj bátran egy e-mailt, kérlek. A címem (A fordító megjegyzése: ha nem tudsz angolul, akkor nekem küldj levelet, igyekszem lefordítani és továbbítani. A címem: ***I recommend that you check the FAQ first, however, since I have listed answers for many of the common questions I've received. I must also warn you not to expect a quick answer. I do not check my e-mail with notable frequency, so it may be a while before I see your message.)

On Junk E-mail

Since I published this guide for the first time, I have received numerous pieces of what I would call junk e-mail. By this term, I mean mail messages from "businesses" with whom I have never done business and who are trying to sell me something (I would also like to include chain letters in this category). Frankly, whatever it is that is being peddled, even if it is a Papal Indulgence, I don't want it. So, junk e-mailers: save your breath. I ask you not to add my name or address to any mailing list. If I keep getting this kind of e-mail, I'm going to have to erect a mail filter which would end up making it harder for other, more legitimate, netizens to contact me.

All of this should not be taken to mean that I do not want to deal with e-mail from strangers. If you have a question about PostScript or a comment about the guide, I'm more than happy to read your message and do what I can about it (though I make no promises on my abilities to help).***

A szerzõrõl

Ha többet szeretnél tudni rólam, egy kevés igen elévült információt talélsz rólam a ****** honlapon. Nem valami szenzációan érdekes.

A fordítóról

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