A Pascal nyelv


Ez az oldal egy összefoglaló magyar nyelvű anyag a Pascal programozási nyelvről.


  • Benkő Tiborné - Programozzunk Turbo Pascal nyelven 16. kiadás + CD-ROM
  • Doug Cooper - Oh! PASCAL!: Turbo PASCAL
  • Sam A. Abolrous - Learn PASCAL in Three Days (Popular Applications Series)
  • Brian W. Kernighan and P.J. Plauger - Software Tools in PASCAL
  • Mrs Sue Walmsley and Dr Shirley Williams - Discover Pascal in Delphi
  • Using Turbo PASCAL 6.0-7.0 by Julien Hennefeld
  • Nell Dale and Chip Weems - An Introduction to Turbo Pascal and Software Design (Computer Science Series))
  • METROWERKS - Metrowerks PASCAL
  • Turbo Pascal Lab Manual by Wilson
  • Thomas L. Naps - Introduction to Data Structures with Pascal
  • Michael Edelhardt and Sanjiva Nath - The Brady Book of Turbo PASCAL
  • F. Dutton - Turbo PASCAL Toolbox
  • Edward M. Reingold and Ruth N. Reingold - PASCALgorithms: An Introduction to Programming
  • Claude Delannoy, Aidan Loyns, and M.J. Stewart - Turbo PASCAL Programming: Versions 3.0 and 4.0 (Computer Science)
  • Koffman - Turbo Pascal 4e Brief Version
  • Seymour V. Pollack - Introducing PASCAL
  • Kris Jamsa - Microsoft QuickPASCAL Programming
  • Mike Rees and David Robson - Practical Compiling with PASCAL-S (International Computer Science Series)


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